In 1926 a University of Michigan Greenland Expedition was led by Professor William Herbert Hobbs to establish plans for subsequent expeditions to measure geophysical properties. The journey, described in detail in Hobbs (1927) and Hobbs (1930) led to some of the first meteorological and geological observations on the island of Greenland. Subsequent expeditions (Carlson & Wesley, 1940) identified the characteristics of Greenland climate including the katabatic winds associated with the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Members of expedition on boat
Members of the University of Michigan Greenland Expedition en route to Greenland on the schooner Morrissey, Captain Robert A. Bartlett, Master. Left to right in front row: Fergusson, Bartlett, Hobbs, Church; back row: Belknap, Gould, Oscanyan.


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